Monday, October 15, 2007

A tailgate party, football fans and a Canadian

Ah, the college football experience. It's something I realized I could not escape while living here in the south. Not only are my roommates avid college "chuck the ball" fans, so are the locals, and just about anyone you might meet down here. An opportunity came up one weekend a short while ago to go and see one of these American games in action. I couldn't resist - I chalked it up to a cultural field trip and made an afternoon of it.

The Citadel versus Wofford College (one of our staff went to this school) was what we had on tap.

As I learned, one has to bring beer and be ready to tailgate pre-game. We parked the car and set up shop... I wasn't about to break the tradition. A few hours later, fans waving flags and Wofford clearly winning, I had had my fill of that football game.

Other weekend activities included turning 27 (yes, it was difficult, but it had to be done), cutting my hair short again, and romping through a corn maze. Check out the picture of me feeding a cow. This topped off our visit to the biggest corn maze I've ever seen. The children we took with us had a great time, especially when the cows came down the field to our hayride tractor to slurp up some treats.

Come back to rompwithrusnak soon and feel free to send an email to let me know what you've been up to.

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