Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunsets over South Carolina

I can’t believe it’s come so fast… my last day in South Carolina is finally here. It’s hard to put this experience into words and just sum it all up, but I can't leave without saying goodbye.

Nine months ago I set off on this adventure to teach students environmental science in a place that received some very high praise. I was told I would see dolphins swimming by the beach every day and that I would learn to hold snakes and alligators. The first week I spent in this southern paradise, I could hardly believe my eyes (and much to my fellow staff members amusement) - I never grew bored of the sight.

Some of the things I will remember most are the kayak paddles across the estuary to Botany Bay island, walking the various staff members' dogs on the beach, and working with the many young students and trying my best to answer their curious and bright questions. I know this is a place I would like to come back to and visit and I would also like to invite my friends to come up and visit Canada. Yes, it is colder up in the great north, but we know how to have a good time, too.

I'll leave you and this adventure with a few sunset pics taken from the camp's beach on Seabrook Island (thanks for the idea, Dad).

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